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    My Services

    My approach to therapy is client-centered. I meet my clients where they are and partner with them on their healing journey.

    I practice transpersonal psychology, which is the psychology of transformation, one that is integrative/holistic, and beyond ego. Transpersonal psychology incorporates traditional forms of psychology, then adds another lens that helps me and you see beyond what is right in front of us. I also specialize in expressive arts therapy, and although I work virtually with my clients, I’m able to find fun and creative ways to work art into our time together, if they desire that form of expression.

    Learning about your feelings, and how to navigate and express these feelings in a helpful way is something that I will support you with on your therapeutic journey. I work with you to identify patterns that may have previously served a purpose in your life but are no longer benefitting you. Together we look at the origin of these patterns and work to update your way of being so that you may gain peace and confidence in who you are.


    I help adolescent girls and women of all ages experiencing a variety of impactful emotions and experiences:

    – Anxiety

    – Codependency

    – Coping Skills

    – Depression

    – Emotional Distress

    – Motherhood

    – Peer and Romantic Relationships

    – Perfectionism

    – Self Esteem

    – Spirituality

    – Stress

    – Self-Silencing

    – Teen Issues

    – Women’s Issues

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